Blitz Tournament

After a gap of three years, Alastair Johnstone is pleased to announce Ealing’s 23rd annual Lightning Blitz Tournament which will take place on Monday 12th September at the Actonians.

Rules of the tournament will be as follows:

  1. Time Controls All games are ten minute per player.
  2. Start and Finish Prompt start at 7:30 pm but late arrivals will be allowed to play.  Last game must start at 10:00 pm.
  3. Finding Opponents In this tournament you find your own opponent. The more games you play the more points you can earn!  As non-playing organiser, I will assist players to find opponents.  You are not allowed to refuse an invitation to play.
  4. Honour Code. High-ranking players will be expected to seek out best possible opponents and not ‘prey on’ lower-ranked opposition if a stronger guy or girl is available. The same goes for middle-ranked players.  Be honest!
  5. Honour Code Pt.2 Please do not attempt to win on time in a clearly drawn position by running down your opponent’s clock. In the last minute of either player’s time, I shall be generous in ruling a draw if it is clear a player is not playing for a win or it is a clear draw.
  6. Finally, enjoy the evening because if chess is not fun it’s not worth playing.

The larger bar will be reserved for this competition. If you want to play chess either socially or in the Summer Tournament, this will still be possible in the smaller bar.

Neville Rowden