ChessFest 2022

I went to ChessFest today (17th July 2022) at Trafalgar Square. Despite the blistering heat, it was well attended by kids and adults alike. Lots of chess was being played (some under the blazing sun) and there were some demonstration games played enthusiastically by actors.

Aga Milewska was there organising the volunteers as well as Mark Robinson, who was coordinating the beginners’ lessons. I also saw Hong Zhou (the mother of one of our cadets), who had also volunteered to set up the chess pieces. David English had also texted to say that he was there but I didn’t come across him.

Aga telling somebody what to do.
Mark soaking up the sun.

The demonstration game that I watched was the final game of a six-games series in 1997 when a computer (Deep Blue) finally beat a Grand Master (Garry Kasparov) – see

This is just before the start of the game, where the White King is taking his alleged marriage to the White Queen a bit too seriously.
The Mayor of Westminster announces the first move (e4) – what a dull move!
White King’s Pawn is about to become the first casuality. (Black Queen’s Pawn looks quite evil.)
The game was also displayed on a big screen.

A good time was had by all. Thanks to the organisers who made the event such a success.

Neville Rowden

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  1. Great article Neville! I still got the goosebumps from watching the reenactment of Spassky vs Fischer game 3 (1972), and the 1996 British Grandmaster Christopher Ward on commentary! What a treat! Fantastic work from the Chess in Schools and Community organization.

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