Ealing B 1½ Harrow B 2½

David Websdale reports on Ealing B’s match against Harrow B.

Simon won his game following an astute assessment of the position in his game. He saw that his opponent’s pieces were badly placed to defend an attack on the King, apart from a fianchettoed King’s Bishop which he eliminated by offering its exchange for a Rook. A series of checks by Queen, Bishop and Knight then forced the Black King into the open. Simon’s opponent resigned before the inevitable mate.

Leslie had secured a promising position entering the middle game, then captured a pawn with his Bishop. But the pawn was defended. His opponent spent some time thinking, trap or blunder? He captured the Bishop and Leslie resigned

Trevor used an open g-file to double rooks facing his opponent’s castled King. He exchanged the rooks for his opponent’s Queen. Normally this exchange would not yield an advantage, but Trevor’s Queen was well placed to move freely, while his opponent’s Rooks were undeveloped. As play continued it became clear that his opponent would be able to defend his position and a draw was agreed.

Michael’s match reached a Rook and pawn endgame. One pawn difference is rarely decisive, a two pawn deficit can sometimes be defended, but three proved too much and Michael resigned.

Thus, Ealing B went down to Harrow B by 1.5-2.5.

Ealing BGd.ResultHarrow BGd.
Simon Healeas18671-0TBC
Leslie Pringle16250-1David Stott1498
Trevor Bates1566½-½Phil Humphry1450
Michael Stern14040-1David Wray1466
24th January 2022