Ealing B 3½ Harrow C 1½

In a mirror image of the first match, Ealing B took revenge for defeat in the away leg.

Dan and Matthew stepped in for Tony and myself and both fully justified their selection with wins. Matthew methodically built up the better position before translating his advantage to a material gain. When his opponent blundered a piece it accelerated the end.

Dan’s game was very complex, as illustrated by the fact that it was decided when his opponent’s flag dropped. Feeling somewhat peeved at this his opponent asked if he could play the game on; albeit with a loss already recorded. Dan acceded and actually went on to be mated in the ‘spurious’ continuation!

The match win was then secured when Jason won on four. In typical style, Jason laid siege on the enemy king, converting neatly when it mattered. I detect real precision in the way Jason execurptes his attacks these days.

As in the first match, with the result no longer in question, a draw was rapidly agreed in the game between Simon ant the Harrow captain.

Board one featured a fascinating tussle in which Xavier repelled white’s initial attack establishing a material advantage. But, in the resulting position, while he had a piece for two pawns, Xavier’s king had no cover from some persistent attacks and perilously little time to identify the best plan. Sadly, playing on increments, he finally went wrong and, after white recovered his piece, he emerged three pawns up which prompted resignation .

We return to the top of the table but are dependent on a Harrow slip up achieve our goal of promotion.