Ealing B 3½ Harrow Juniors B 1½

Ealing B continued their unbeaten start to the season with this home win against Harrow juniors B.

Although not as harrowing as the recent win over Hatch End, this was still far from an easy ride with some of the games going down to the wire.

Tony Braine got the scoreboard moving with a win on five. He entered the N+P endgame with apparent equality but in the space of a few moves his opponent dropped two pawns and his knight which left Tony with an easy win.

Next to finish was Matthew on his first ever appearance in a league match. He quickly showed that his form in recent internal club games were not a false indication of his ability.

The Ealing win was confirmed when Jason completed an accurate endgame win from the Black side of a Dutch Defence. He had entered the endgame a pawn down but accurately calculated his way to vicyory.

In the remaining two games the young Harrow players were giving nothing away. In Aga’s game, both players queened a pawn but the resultant endgame was accurately defended by Aga’s opponent for a draw.

On top board, Xavier had a somewhat cramped position with some menacing enemy pieces circling his king. When the position opened up his opponent’s threats were becoming very real and although he successfully rebuffed a series of mating attacks his lone knight could not defend against both White’s a and h-pawn advances.

A busy schedule lies ahead in the next few weeks which will probably determine the team’s fate but, for now, we remain on course.