Ealing C v Uxbridge B – 21 March 22

Last Monday evening we played an Uxbridge B team, who were stronger than us on all boards. On boards 1 and 2 draws were agreed, but we lost on boards 3 and 4 and lost overall by 3 – 1.

On board 1 Alex playing white chose the Smith Morra gambit, which black didn’t accept. Neither side could gain a significant advantage and when black offered a draw Alex accepted.

On board 2 Tony playing black wrote “ Tony played black in a Stonewall defence. It did what it said on the tin and white could find no way through. Unfortunately neither could black. Both players were pretty accurate throughout in a blunder free game light on tactical excitements. It eventually ended in a symmetrical blocked endgame position where a draw was agreed”

On board 3 David as white faced a Pirc defence. The game proceeded evenly until black managed to create an isolated ‘a’ pawn for white on the queenside. In subsequent rook exchanges white overlooked a queen fork on his unprotected ‘a’ and ‘h’ pawns. Although queens were still on the board, black captured the white ‘a’ pawn and then pushed his passed pawn on the ‘a’ file. White resigned when he couldn’t stop the pawn promotion.

On board 4 Andrew as black had a difficult game and resigned when forced to make an inferior move after touching his knight.

David Housego

Ealing C Captain