Ealing C vs Richmond C, 14th November 2022, TVCL

Ealing C had its first win against an external club, Richmond , with the score of 5-1. The youngster, Kayden, continues to do well with his games against his opponents.

BoardColourEaling DResultsEaling C
1WhiteHristo Colov1-0Otto Weidner
2BlackTony Braine0-1Jack Thompson
3WhiteAlastair Johnstone1-0George Milligan
4BlackTrevor Bates1-0Anurag Venkataraman
5WhiteDavid English1-0Ronvir Bilkhu
6BlackKayden Tan1-0Oliver Taylor

Tony’s Comments:
I played black with the Scandinavian and gained an edge out of the opening, developing a promising attack. White defended this very well though and I pushed too hard looking for a quick win. This wasn’t really there against a very capable opponent, I should have swapped off Queens into a slightly advantageous  endgame. Lessons to self: expect your opponent to make the best defence and don’t try to avoid the endgame grind when that’s what the position really calls for!

Alastair’s comment and game (click on any move to see interactive chess board):
I didn’t play very well but perseverance paid off in the end.

Alastair, playing white, won (Opening: Sveshnikov Sicilian):