Ealing C vs Richmond D – TVCL (2023-2024)

This match was played on 25th of March at Ealing Chess Club. We lost to Richmond C with the score 2-4. Looking at the rating gaps between the opponents there isn’t too big a difference on most boards. So I think there is opportunity for more than 1 or 2 wins for us.

BoardEaling CRatingScoreRichmond CRating
1 (B)Matthew Georgiou17520-1Jack Thompson1857
2 (W)Tony Braine16320.5-0.5Tom Lloyd1762
3 (B)Alastair Johnstone15811-0David Heaton1564
4 (W)Trevor Bates15330.5-0.5Peter Kasprowicz1550
5 (B)Jagat Singh14570-1George Milligan1546
6 (W)Subas Subbaraj15290-1Harry Mithun1298

We had creditable performances from some members. Well done to Alastair on his win. Well played Tony and Trevor on their drawn games. We know Richmond C will have a strong player on Board 1 and unfortunately Matthew took the short straw to play him. Young Jagat did well to get to the end game but could not stop an eventual pawn promotion. Subas playing white was clearly winning at multiple points in the game against a much lower rated opponent.  But greed got the better of him when he took a poisoned pawn around the middle game and the game for him went downhill from there.