Ealing C vs Richmond&Twickenham D, TVCL 2023-2024

Ealing C played host to the match with Richmond&Twickenham D on the 11th of December, 2023. With just a small gap of total rating point between the two teams, Ealing C prevailed on the night with a winning score, 4 – 2.

BoardEaling C (Home)RatingScoreRichmond & Twickenham DRating
1 (B)Tony Braine16180-1Alex Shard1764
2 (W)Alastair Johnstone15851-0Dan Donohoe1512
3 (B)Trevor Bates15420.5-0.5Laurie Catling1352
4 (W)Jagat Singh14410.5-0.5George Dokic1322
5 (B)David Websdale14091-0Ken Broadley1008
6 (W)Paul Johnson13961-0Michael Sweeney1607

Well done to Alastair, David and Paul on their wins. David won his game with a Queen sacrifice. Paul’s win was against a higher rated opponent. Jagat was up an exchange (a knight for a rook) but lost the advantage later (giving up his rook for a bishop). Both Jagat and Trevor drew their games. Tony was up against a stronger opponent. He lost on time. 

Paul Johnson’s game: Playing White in the opening, Sicilian Defense, Lowenthal Variation (B32)