Ealing C vs Staines A, TVCL 2022-2023

Ealing C lost its home match to Staines A with a score 2-4. The match was played on the 20th of March, 2023.

BoardColourEaling CResultsStaines A
1BlackKayden Tan0 – 1Jack Sheard
2WhiteAlastair Johnstone0.5 – 0.5Ye Kyaw
3BlackDavid English0.5 – 0.5Paul Seymour
4WhitePaul Johnson0 – 1Stephen Payne
5Black Gabriele Palmer1 – 0Clive Lawrence
6WhiteRavi Gupta0 – 1James Knight

Kayden lost to  a much higher rated player and appeared to get into trouble earlier in the game with multiple and sustained attack on his pawn on f7 by the opponent

Alastair and David drew their respective games. Alastair thinks he may have had an advantage but decided to go for a draw. David drew after a long game.

Paul appeared to have a steady middle game but down a minor piece. With a lot of effort in steadying the game, he lost on time.

Gabriele was quite  quick with his moves, enough for his opponent to lose on time. Even though he was a queen down he appeared to have sufficient compensating materials to go for pawn promotion. Well played!

Ravi also appeared to have a steady middle game but  with some materials down in the end game he lost.