Ealing C vs Surbiton C – TVCL (2023-2024)

On the 11th of March Ealing C played their home match against Surbiton C. Ealing C lost with the score 2-4.

BoardHarrow ARatingScoreEaling C (Away Match)Rating
1 (B)Matthew Georgiou19230.5Sean Butler1913
2 (W)Tony Braine16290.5David Cole1781
3 (B)Trevor Bates15340-1John Polanyk1766
4 (W)Jagat Singh14641-0Malcolm Groom1711
5 (B)Ravi Gupta14120-1Oleksiy Podolyan1610
6 (W)David Websdale14180-1Paul McCauley1473

Matthew and Tony did well in the leader boards to hold their respective games to a draw. Trevor and Ravi lost their games to stronger rated players and I am sure David’s game could have gone either way. Jagat’s game score is impressive as he won against a much higher rated player.