Ealing D v. Maidenhead B

This was Ealing D’s final match of a poor season. The team has not managed to win a single point all season and it was beaten 5-1 in this match. However, Giancarlo played an excellent game and managed to win his game from what seemed like a certain draw.

As can be seen from the match card above, the team was heavily out-rated as has been the case all season. The team finished last with 0 points. Fortunately, as Ealing D is in the lowest division, it cannot therefore be relegated.

Andy Glass sent this report on his game:

I should have won my game.  Sorry.  I was a full rook and pawn up at one point.  He played the Smith-Morra gambit where he miscalculated and I was clearly spoilt for choice, though a bit passive.  After 17 more moves, where I parried all his threats and computer had me between -5 and -7 ahead, I was slowly getting at his king when he whipped out Rxc6 in the picture below which caught me off guard.  I need to keep my queen on the seventh rank or else its mate.  Hence I couldn’t take. 

Here I should have gone into a deep think as I had plenty of time.  But instead I played Qa7+ while logical actually loses.  The simple Rxg2+, attacks his queen and king.  If he takes with the king, Bxe4 forks the king and rook.  If he takes with the queen, Qxc6 with a much better position for black as I picked up a pawn and exposed his king more.    

Tough loss but that’s why we play the game. 

Roll on next season.