Ealing D vs Richmond C

On 8th November Ealing D played its first match this season against a foreign club as we welcomed Richmond C to Actonians.

Considering the much superior strength of Richmond’s players, Ealing D managed an honourable 2½ – 3½ defeat. Ealing D was actually very close to drawing the match. There were commendable victories for Andy Glass (current rating 1307) playing White on Board 3 against a player with a rating of 1538, and Roger Beeson (currently unrated) playing Black on Board 6 against another unrated player.

Ian Patterson (current rating 1229) was playing Black on Board 4 against a player with a rating of 1404. He was in a very dominant position from which he would not have lost in normal circumstances. However, he ran out of time and technically lost the game. However, to their great credit, Richmond C’s captain and player offered Ian a draw which he graciously accepted.

David Housego (current rating 1348) played Black on Board 2 against a player with a rating of 1538. David played against the Ruy Lopez. White pushed the d and e pawns in the centre and then pressed on the queenside. He was able to hold off the attack, but then overlooked a discovered queen and bishop attack on my castled king. He resigned half a dozen moves later when he realised, he would soon be mated or lose his queen.

Lewis Crook (current rating 1465) played White on Board 1 against an unrated player. It was an epic battle but Lewis finally succumbed after a long fight.

Mark Robinson (currently unrated) played his first league game for the club directly after coaching the Cadets for 90 minutes. Mark played White on Board 5 against another rated player and dominated for much of the game. He was a pawn up after queens had been exchanged but blew it with an elementary blunder losing a rook. Here is his analysed game:

Neville Rowden