Harrow Juniors B ½ Ealing B 4½

Ealing B proved too strong for Harrow’s juniors on this occasion running out convincing winners on the night, although Xavier was unable to overcome the stubborn defences of his adversary and Matthew had a close call.

I was first to finish. Not an especially accurate performance on my part but at least I was able to find a nice finish.

On first glance, it was apparent that Jason and Simon both held the advantage but Matthew was a full piece down. Fortunately his young opponent gifted him the chance to redeem himself by blundering away a rook and from here, Matthew closed out the win without any further dramatics.

Jason meanwhile chalked up yet another win with some ease, his rook and outside passed pawns too much for Black’s overworked bishop to defend.

As stated earlier, Simon also took an early advantage in his game. As he writes: ‘My young opponent played the Advanced Variation against the Caro-Kann (1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.e5). After the opening and early middlegame, the position was level but he then lost a pawn and, shortly afterwards, blundered a knight. Not surprisingly the position proved untenable and faced with the prospect of a pawn queening, resigned after my 35th move.’

I must confess I didn’t stay to see the end of Xavier’s game but was surprised to learn it ended in a draw as he had been ahead when I left. Kudos to his opponent who looks like another Harrow junior of some promise.

We have two more matches left, both against Hatch End B: one in the league, the other on the final of the KO Plate. Let’s hope we can win some silverware to put the seal on what has been, by and large, an excellent campaign.