Hillingdon League Ealing A 3 Greenford A 1

We got back to winning ways against Greenford.

I didn’t stay to the end but from the sounds of it, particular interesting games on board 1 and 4.

On board 1 Andrew commented (this is pre any Fritz analysis): here

Jason held out K v. K, B and N. Jason was discussing the 50 move rule (a draw can be claimed if no capture is made and no pawn is moved for 50 consecutive moves), and it was getting quite uncertain as moves weren’t being recorded, but it turned out his opponent got confused on the time and thought he had 15 minutes more to come, so it ended in a draw. It may be worth club members knowing that apparently ticking moves isn’t enough to be able to enforce the 50 move rule.

Ealing ARatingResultGreenford ARating
Andrew Harley2194½-½Leon Fincham1858
John Quinn21971-0David White1858
Chris Greenshields20401-0JJ Padam1705
Jason Obihara1783½-½Frank Zurstiege1709
7th March 2022