Hillingdon League West London 2½ Ealing A 1½

We lost due a default away against West London (1.5-1.5 on the night). Harry Symeonidis had a very nice win, as black in a French advanced variation, against his higher graded opponent (Andy Hayler). A lot of fireworks: the game can be played here . Simon Healeas had a super solid draw against Simon Bass. I lost to Tom Rendle – sort of inevitable against an IM, but quite pleased to make him sweat a bit and it wasn’t complete one way traffic.

West LondonRatingResultEaling ARating
Tom Rendle24281-0Mark Winterbotham1898
John Bass1970½-½Simon Healeas1863
Andrew Hayler1900-1Harry Symeonidis1818
23rd February 2022