Ealing Chess Club has a strong cadre of junior chess players. Juniors are under 18 years of age and are members of Ealing Chess Club. Their membership costs £10 per annum. As opposed to the Cadets, who have targetted coaching sessions, the Juniors play their chess on club evenings from 7:30pm at Actonians Sports Club.

The Juniors also have their own chess team (Ealing D) who play in the Thames Valley Chess League and are captained by Neville Rowden. They can however be seconded into any of the senior Ealing Chess Club teams playing in any of the leagues for which Ealing Chess Club is registered (viz. Hillingdon and Middlesex, as well Thames Valley).

The Juniors have a strong tradition in the Thames Valley Chess League and actually won Division 1 in the 2019/20 season. Many of those players have outgrown their “Junior” status but we are slowly building the next generation of Juniors for Ealing Chess Club.

Ealing Chess Club has a safe-guarding policy for under 18s – see Safeguarding Policy.

Ealing Chess Club would also like to emphasise that it is not at all affiliated to the organisation naming itself “Ealing Junior Chess Club” which holds paid sessions at OpenArts in Ealing.