On Wednesday, 24 May we travelled to the Carpenter’s Arms in central London to play Kings Head. On arrival it was clear we faced stern opposition with all their players rated over 2000 and three having international titles (two FIDE masters and a candidate master).  Nevertheless Andrew, on top board, got us off to a good start with a 15-move draw. Shortly afterwards, I drew in 21 moves.

On board 4, as Black, Tony played the Scotch. With characteristic vigour and verve he secured the initiative, won material, and the game.

Martin continued his rich vein of form with another impressive victory. He writes: ”I was White in a c3 Sicilian and accepted a sacrificed pawn leaving my king in the centre. Black’s initiative leaked away and I was able to find a safe spot for my king and convert the extra pawn in a R+N vs. R+B endgame.”

Mark played well against a strong opponent but drifted into an ending with equal material (R and 5 pawns) in which his pawns were isolated. This allowed his opponent to first pick off one, then a second, and it was all over.

The final game to finish was Alan’s. In the ending he ensured a draw by exchanging bishop for pawn which gave us victory in the match.

This was an excellent team performance which definitely guarantees Ealing first division chess in the Middlesex League next season.

Kings HeadRatingResult EalingRating
FM Rick McMichael22680.5-0.5FM Andrew Harley2144
CM David Okike22170.5-0.5Alan Perkins2166
Mark Davey2100 0 – 1Martin Smith2161
Nigel Fleming2078 0 – 1Tony Wells2087
FM Richard Black20910.5-0.5Simon Healeas1888
Ayman Hammam2095   1 – 0Mark Winterbotham1867