Richmond and Twickenham D v. Ealing D

This match was played in TVCL’s Division 3. Having played against this team many times before, I was surprised at the strength of the team that they put out. I was expecting a closer match, but we unfortunately lost 5-1.

Subas Subbaraj played White on Board 1 but it was a game that one would want to forget. The opening went well until they reached move 14 when White moved his Queen to a square which allowed Black to fork White’s Queen and Rook with its knight. An unfortunate blunder which meant White lost its Rook for Black’s Knight. Even though White appeared to have positional advantage, the unequal exchange meant Black could defend its position easily. As White was struggling to find an equalising position, Subas spent more time thinking about subsequent moves and lost on time, though theoretically White had already lost the game.

David Websdale was on Board 3, with White, played the Tarrasch (3.Nd2) variation in reply to Black’s French Defence. The game turned out to be rather dull, devoid of complex tactics, passive play and exchanges down to a K+6P ending at which point a draw was agreed. Stockfish analysis found no blunders nor even bad moves and neither player was one point up at any stage of the game.

Fortunately nobody was watching, spectators found conversation at the bar more interesting.

Neville Rowden played White on Board 5 and opened with the Queen’s Pawn. The game was spectacularly dull and not worth recording. Both White and Black set into strong defensive positions from which neither side could break through. Although Black eventually gain a Pawn advantage, both parties decided to settle for a draw.

Ealing D is still waiting for its first victory in the division and is bottom of the division despite having played more matches than any of the other teams.