Richmond & Twickenham D – TVB(Ealing B)

League: TVCL, Season 2021-2022
Played : 15th February, 2022

This is a return match played at the opponent’s venue. David Websdale led Ealing B team to a match victory, 3.5 to 2.5 against Richmond D. Martin and David W won their games. Leslie , Tony and David E drew their games. Ealing B had lost on board 6 by default as we could not field a player on that board. This match win is our first team win in the league tournament.

BoardColourRichmond DResultsEaling B
1WhiteBarry Sutton0-1Martin Loat
2BlackRichard Sleep1/2 – 1/2Leslie Pringle
3WhiteDan Donohoe1/2 – 1/2Tony Braine
4BlackGeorge Dokic1/2 – 1/2David English
5WhiteJim Anandajeyarajah0-1David Websdale
6BlackDefault win1 – 0Default loss

Comments :

David Websdale
Ealing B won 3.5-2.5, in spite of losing one point to a default, giving us
our first point on the League table.

Martin won on board one, coming back from being a piece down.
Leslie, Tony and David E drew their games.

Many thanks to Leslie, stepping in at the last minute (and missing his
birthday celebration).

Martin Loat
I did come back from a losing position last night – but merely a pawn and the exchange down. I had to give up R for N on move 17 to prevent losing my Queen to discovered check or succumbing to a “Philidors Legacy” smothered mate. But I got my remaining pieces active and set up some threats. The pictured position is when I was presented with my chance after my opponent played f4 ?? 

(White: “Want to trade queens?”. Black: “No, I have something better!”)

It’s not over till It’s over!

David English’s Game : Played White, drew; Opening “Four Knights Game: Italian Variation, ECO C46”

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