Richmond&Twickenham D vs Ealing C, TVCL 2022 – 2023

Ealing C won against their opponents with the score of 4 – 2. Thanks to Andy Glass and Jason Obihara for stepping in at the last moment to ensure we had a full team. The match was played on the 14th of March, 2023.

BoardColourRichmond DResultsEaling C
1WhiteAlex Shard1 – 0Jason Obihara
2BlackBarry Sutton0-1Tony Braine
3WhiteGeorge Dokic0-1Subas Subbaraj
4BlackLaurie Catling0.5 – 0.5Trevor Bates
5WhiteJulian Bedale0.5 – 0.5David Websdale
6BlackKen Broadley0 – 1Andy Glass

I think Tony was the first to finish. A quick glance at his board showed he had forked the opponent’s king and rook with a check with his queen.

Tony’s Comments:
Tony played white in a Sicilian and gained an edge out of the opening after black bravely, probably wrongly, castled long. Tony then struggled to find the right way to exploit a theoretical 1.0 advantage and the position came close back to even. However soon thereafter on move 16, black blundered a rook and promptly resigned. An unsatisfying win against a similarly rated opponent, but better than the other way round!

To my right David had drawn his game with each player having only the king.

David lamented on his time management skill :
Playing a Queen’s pawn opening as Black, I entered the middle game with a very comfortable position, but in spite of spending a long time thinking, was unable to find any decisive tactic. By the time I was four pawns up (Stockfish) I had only a few minutes left on my clock and there were still Rooks and Bishops on the board. During my few remaining minutes we played about 20 moves, finally exchanging down to lone Kings

Subas’s comments
This was a return match against the same opponent. When I first played him I accepted his offer of a draw after a few moves. This time I hung on with a pawn advantage and got to the end game with just my two pawns on opposite sides of the board while my opponent had none. Realising he could not stop at least one pawn promoting he resigned