Surbiton C vs Ealing C – TVCL (2023-2024)

It was a long trip to Surbiton C , even longer for one team member, on the 1st of May. However the host was quite welcoming of our presence.

Team Ealing C eventually won a match after a hiatus of 4 months, the previous one against Richmond D. We won by a score 4-2.

BoardSurbiton CRatingScoreEaling CRating
1 (B)David Cole17890.5-0.5Subas Subbaraj1513
2 (W)John Polanyk17870-1Matthew Georgiou1741
3 (B)Malcolm Groom17140-1Tony Braine1656
4 (W)Alexey Markov16261-0Alastair Johnstone1585
5 (B)John Rennocks16630-1Oscar Brown1489
6 (W)Paul McCauley14620.5-0.5David Websdale1437

All our opponents were higher rated than we were. Creditable performances by the winners, Oscar, Matthew and Tony, and by David who drew his game. Subas’s game also ended in a draw. Alastair lost his game but would have done well any other day.

In Subas’s game the opening was French Defense: Knight Variation. Subas was playing as White. Initally Black seem to be attacking but then White was able to attack in return. However for most of the game it was fairly even with the odd inaccuracy creeping into the game from both sides. A draw was eventually agreed.