TVB(Ealing B) – Hounslow B

League: TVCL, Season 2021-2022
Played : 21st March, 2022

We lost to Hounslow B with the score of 1.5 to 4.5, with most of our players’ opponents higher rated. Michael Stern secured a win. George Masefield secured a draw against his opponent, who I recall I have played against before, securing a draw as well when the opponent played for the Greenford Chess Club in the Hillingdon League.

Thanks to one of our players, Michael Smith, for leading the team on the day.

BoardColourEaling BResultsHounslow B
1BlackAlexei Smith0-1Calum Kinloch
2WhiteGeorge Masefield1/2 – 1/2JJ Padam
3BlackDavid English0-1Eugene Gregorio
4WhiteAmardeep Sachdev0-1Vibhush Pusapadi
5BlackMichael Stern1-0Barry DA Fraser
6WhiteMichael Smith0 – 1Pavan Kumar Kota

Comments and Games:

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Michael Smith
My opponent was rated 300 higher than me and played an opening unfamiliar to me – the Owen Defense. I survived the opening with a small advantage, but he then worked away at gaining small advantages, no doubt using strategic features of that opening. I don’t think I made any gross blunders, but his material advantage began to grow – I lost a rook for a bishop. Eventually he had a passed pawn plus a substantial material advantage and I resigned.

Michael Smith’s game: Played White, lost; opening “Owen Defence , ECO: B00”

Michael Stern’s game: Played Black, won. Opening “Sicilian Defense: Kalashnikov Variation, ECO B32”