TVB(Ealing B) – Richmond C Match

League: TVCL, Season 2021-2022
Played : 1st November, 2021

Ealing B lost the match to Richmond C with the following score: 1-5

Neville did well to win his game.

BoardColourEaling BResultsRichmond C
1BlackLeslie Pringle0-1Pablo Soriano
2WhiteTony Braine0-1Otto Weidner
3BlackJerry Scott0-1Roger Scowen
4WhiteDavid English0-1Levente Lensces
5BlackNeville Rowden1-0Ronvir Bilkhu
6WhiteMichael Smith0-1Julian Bedale

Comments from some of the team members after the match :

Tony Braine
Tony opened B4 as white and gained a slight initiative, then a pawn. He then, getting overexcited and careless, miscalculated and lost rook for knight. The game was sharp edged thereafter and Tony developed a strong attack. Sadly, a repeated fault, he lost on time when he had had the clearly better position. Black thought white had a forced mate in two near the end. Thankfully the computer shows this wasn’t the case or white would have felt even worse! An exciting game.

Neville Rowden
Neville Rowden played Black on Board 5. White opened with e4 but, for some reason, Black was distracted at the start by handling new members to the club and played Nc6 instead of his intended c5. Black thought about resigning after this first move as he had no idea what to do next. Fortunately, he implemented a strategy of moving his pieces to the King’s side (hoping White would castle short) and then creating a strong defence. White did castle short after move 7 which allowed Black to develop an attack from where he gained a pawn. Black was starting to dominate the game when White made a terrible blunder and lost his Queen. White resigned immediately afterwards.

David English
David got off to a poor start and was never able to recover, only managing to drag the match out until his opponent was into his last five minutes.

Games played in this match (analysed by chess engines and annotated)

Neville’s game : Playing black, won ; Nimzowitsch Defense: Kennedy Variation, Linksspringer Variation (ECO B00)

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David’s game: Playing white, lost; opening “Sicilian Defense: Bowdler Attack”

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