TVL: Ealing A 4½ Surbiton A 1½

Ealing A continued their rise from the bottom of the table with a convincing win against an understrength Surbiton team.

For the first time this season, Ealing’s line-up had a semblance of its former strength, with Rick making a welcome return on top board. Rick played the black side of a French 3…….Nc6 which turned into what looked like a mainline Tarrasch. Commenting on his game he says “I made the mistake of simplifying too early and the game was even until I managed to (not very effectively) unbalance the position. Objectively white was ok but had very little time and allowed black to infiltrate.”

Mark’s game ended in a relatively quick draw. As black, he went a pawn up after about 15 moves, but it was doubled and his opponent had freer rooks and a potentially dangerous passed pawn (admittedly still on a2 at the time). Not feeling particularly well, and to avoid the risk of time trouble, he offered a draw and his opponent accepted.

Andrew was another to win on the night. In his own words: “My opponent played a Phillidor with deferred castling (Simon William’s “Black Lion”). Some nice tactics, starting with my queen on d3 forking his bishop on d6 and knight on g6 (only defended by a pinned pawn on f7) netted me a pawn then a piece and eventually the game.”

Likewise both John and Simon delivered the full point. As Simon says: “As White, I faced a line of the King’s Indian with an early c5. The position remained level but an exchange sacrifice on move 22 gave me a winning position. At the end of the two and half hour session my opponent resigned, as the 4 pawn deficit in a rook ending was simply too much to defend. “

John’s game seems to have been a topsy-turvy affair, as John writes: “My game was a King’s Indian that led to a Benoni style structure. White had an advantage early on but a premature f4 allowed a nice Nxe4 tactic, temporarily sacrificing a piece to win two pawns and then an exchange. I then mistakenly returned the exchange and lost my extra pawns leaving a level endgame. In the end however, my opponent blundered away a bishop in a position where I had a small advantage.”

Harry had an off night. “A very disappointing game for me. False calculations, missed in-between moves and absolutely no serious threats for my opponent.” He does however have the good grace to provide his game which can be replayed here .

I am most grateful to Simon for standing in as captain when I had to pull out at short notice due to car problems.

Our final match of the season is at home against our Juniors on 24th April.

Ealing ARatingResultSurbiton ARating
Rick McMichael22541-0Angus James2012
Andrew Harley22081-0Paul Dupre1968
John Quinn21931-0Nick Faulks1906
Simon Healeas18631-0Mark Hogarth1878
Mark Winterbotham1885½-½Graham Alcock1793
Harry Symeonidis18280-1Joseph Morrison1518
4th April 2020