TVL: Wimbledon A 2½ Ealing A 3½

We drank from the cup of victory after this very satisfying win against Wimbledon.

Alex got us off to a flying start with a whirlwind demolition of his opponent in 13 moves. Alex is a dangerous opponent with great attacking flair as I know to my cost from our game earlier in the season. Here’s his game:

Simon played the Chigorin Defence in response to his opponent’s 1.d4 and after an early queen exchange the game soon sailed into calm waters. Although Simon lost a pawn it was down regained and, at move 24, with a double rook ending and symmetrical pawn structure – a draw was agreed.

My own game featured a rather dull Kings Indian – unusual in an opening generally renowned for sharp tactics. There were several inaccuracies by both sides but neither player could establish any real traction and after multiple exchanges the game reduced to a rook and pawn endgame offering no real opportunities for progress for either player.

Wimbledon came back into the game when Michael, making his Ealing debut in the TVL on board three went astray in the middlegame. When I first looked at the position he seemed to be holding his own but next time I looked his queen had gone missing without sufficient compensation.

So 2-2 going into the home straight. Andrew, on top board, seemed to have a small space advantage but with the pawn centre closed there was no obvious way to make any further headway. Consequently a draw was duly agreed.

The match thus hinged on Jason’s game on board three. I confess I wasn’t sanguine about his chances as he was under attack from some advanced black pieces and was a couple of pawns down but Jason is a resilient fighter and the tables turned dramatically when , moving quickly in the quickplay finish, his opponent made a fatal error and fell into a knight fork which cost him a full rook and with it the game.

The win moves us above Wimbledon who have now completed their programme. We have two more matches remaining both at home so we may still accomplish the great escape. Hope springs eternal!

Wimbledon ARatingResultEaling ARating
Grinath Haridas1966½-½Andrew Harley2194
Ali Shahvez1909½-½Simon Healeas1863
Ian Heppell20050-1Jason Obihara1778
Stephen Carpenter18641-0Michael Price1726
Craig Fothergill18460-1Alex Lushpa1618
Michael Williams1836½-½Alastair Johnstone1618
17th March 2022