Wimbledon B vs Ealing C – TVCL (2023-2024)

This match was played on 15th of April at the Wimbledon B Chess Club venue. We lost to our opponents with the score 2-4.

BoardWimbledon BRatingScoreEaling CRating
1 (B)Stephen Carpenter17501-0Simon Heleas1844
2 (W)Anik Fonseka17031-0Alastair Johnstone1583
3 (B)Yong Qiu13960-1Trevor Bates1525
4 (W)Yichen Zhang15210.5-0.5Subas Subbaraj1513
5 (B)Martin Lake14861-0David English1500
6 (W)Winston Qiu12830.5-0.5David Websdale1429

David English was the first to finish with what appeared to be a quick checkmate against his king earlier on in the game. Well done to Trevor on his win against his opponent. Alastair’s black King had to fight against a well placed white Knight in his side of the board in around the middle game and appeared to eventually succumb to a mating attack by his opponent. Simon appeared to have an even middle game but lost in the end. David Websdale and Subas drew our respective games. Subas’s game was against a very young opponent. But she was quite good. The opening was Queen’s Gambit Declined: Semi-Tarrasch Defense. Subas’s opponent playing white had the initiative. So Subas had to make as many exchanges as possible to blunt her attack and the game ended in a draw with two rooks for each player and equal number of pawns, a fair result.