Winter 2022 Tournament

Ealing Chess Club’s Winter 2022 Tournament is scheduled to start on 14th February and will finish on 30th May.

These are the salient points concerning the tournament:

  • The tournament will be set up as an individual tournament which will be adapted to simulate a LADDER. Each player may challenge any other player in the tournament any number of times, either by arrangement in advance or spontaneously on a chess evening. Please note that this differs from previous club tournaments that were set up in the traditional way as all-play-all tournaments.
  • Each player can play as little or as often as they want. Obviously, the more often you play, the greater the chance of advancing up the ladder. There will be no cups or prizes awarded at the end of the tournament as its aim is to allow members to practise playing under league conditions and to have games rated.
  • Games must be played in the larger Actonians bar that is already used for league matches. Silence is requested during the games as a respect to other members who may be playing league games at the same time. Post-game discussions should be held in the smaller bar.
  • The tournament is “semi-serious” with the aim of simulating games played in the various leagues, viz.
    • Clocks shall be used.
    • The timing format for the games shall be Quick Play with each player having up to 75 minutes to complete his/her game (i.e. the game will be completed within 2½ hours).
    •  All moves shall be recorded.
  • The allocation of Black/White shall be determined on the night by, for example, tossing a coin or drawing of lots.
  • The games’ results will be entered into the ECF’s LMS (League Management System) by the organiser. Each Monday until 30th May will be designated as a Round in the tournament and the results will be accessible online at ECC’s Winter 2022 Tournament Rounds. The current standings will also be visible online at Current Standings.
  • All games will be rated by the ECF (English Chess Federation). This is done automatically at the end of every month. Because of this, participants will also need to be ECF members (see ECF Membership). Bronze membership costs £18 p.a.
  • The results of the games should be sent promptly to the organiser who will enter them into the LMS system.
  • The contact details (name, email address and telephone number) of each participant will be sent to all participants before the tournament starts. We will also create a WhatsApp group for those participants with smartphones. (Using a WhatsApp group makes it even easier to organise games as you can send a general request to everybody in the group asking them if anybody wants to play on a certain date.)

Members can join this tournament at any time by contacting Geoff Richards or the Secretary at